Thanks to the donors

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On the Saturday before Mothers’ Day, the milk bank’s doctors and I hosted a tea for the donor mothers.  I enjoyed it thoroughly, as it was good to meet the mothers and hear them share their different breastfeeding and donating experiences.

Sandra and Dunelle - sharing their milk for 8 months

Sandra and Dunelle – sharing their milk for 9 months

Sandra, our first donor (and still going strong) has agreed to share her story.  Sandra discovered that she was pregnant again when her youngest child was 24 years old.  In the meantime, breastfeeding support has got very much better in South Africa, and for the first time Sandra tried breastfeeding – and loved it.  She had so much milk, even when Dunelle was 15 months old, that she was thrilled to be able to donate it to premature babies at Drops4Life.  She can’t speak highly enough about breastfeeding, and says she can see a distinct difference in Dunelle’s development compared to her other children.

Sandra has donated steadily for the past 9 months, and has given us nearly 16 litres of milk.  Nearly 40 babies have received Sandra’s milk.

16 litres sounds like a LOT of milk, perhaps quite intimidating to a new donor.   It was expressed drop by drop, just that the donations were consistent over time.  We welcome smaller donations too, and some donors send jars with 2o mls at a time.  20 mls can be enough to feed a premature baby for a day – a day when he could get so much stronger, or when his mother could start producing her own milk supply. 20 mls a day for a week could save a baby’s life.

Please contact Drops4Life if you can help our little milk bank.  You can add a comment in the comments section, or write to  .  To receive notifications of our irregular posts, click the “Follow” button.


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